Reducing Kits


Description / Application:

These kits can be used to replace the normal cap nut and sealing ring used on a T piece outlet, to enable a smaller diameter conduit to be used. These fittings are normally only used with normal profile tubes and maintain the waterproof seal. The reduced hole Cap Nuts & Sealing Bushes are also available as individual items. Note:To reduce an NW10 outlet down to NW7.5 the standard CN10 capnut is used with the reducing bush RB10-07

Technical Specification / Features:

Material: Neoprene (Bushes) PA66 (Cap Nuts)

Temperature Range:  - 25ºC to +80ºC

Suitable For: ADR & GGVS applications

Sealing Rating To: IP67

Product Prices & Dimensions

Part No Configuration Normal Profile
Tube A - B - C
Reduce Conduit Outlet From Reduce Conduit Outlet To List Price (exc VAT)
RK1075 Kit NW10 NW7.5 £99.94 /100
RK1085 Kit NW10 NW8.5 £86.94 /100
RK1710 Kit NW17 NW10 £127.42 /100
RK1713 Kit NW17 NW13 £180.21 /100
RK2210 Kit NW22 NW10 £185.27 /100
RK2213 Kit NW22 NW13 £198.03 /100
RK2217 Kit NW22 NW17 £193.43 /100
CN10 NW10 Cap nut N/A N/A £33.10 /100
CN17-10 Reduced Hole Cap Nut NW17 NW10 £78.25 /100
CN17-13 Reduced Hole Cap Nut NW17 NW13 £147.80 /100
CN22-10 Reduced Hole Cap Nut NW22 NW10 £237.79 /100
CN22-13 Reduced Hole Cap Nut NW22 NW13 £174.85 /100
CN22-17 Reduced Hole Cap Nut NW22 NW17 £155.04 /100
RB10-07 Reducing Bush NW10 NW7.5 £84.75 /100
RB17-10 Reducing Bush NW17 NW10 £73.46 /100
RB17-13 Reducing Bush NW17 NW13 £76.13 /100
RB22-10 Reducing Bush NW22 NW10 £84.76 /100
RB22-13 Reducing Bush NW22 NW13 £114.89 /100
RB22-17 Reducing Bush NW22 NW17 £84.76 /100

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