Schlemmer Products

- So much more than flexible conduit and fittings!

During recent years Schlemmer have developed their capability beyond the core harness protection products of flexible conduit and fittings.

As a direct result of continued investment in technology and innovative design, Schlemmer is now able to offer a complete design solution for all OEM’s. They have the capability to develop tailor-made products dedicated to specific vehicle applications. This process has taken Schlemmer into new areas beyond that of cable protection.

As well as custom cable channels for the routing and protection of cables on and around vehicle engines, Schlemmer now has products that can be used for carrying air and fluid such as washer filler necks and breather pipes. They have also developed a capability for electro-mechanical components such as fluid sensors, DC converters and sensor switches.

Please contact our technical sales team to arrange a visit should you have a specific requirement for special parts to suit a new application. Together with Schlemmer we can offer you a complete design and manufacture service providing a cost effective solution to the highest quality standards, delivered worldwide.

Call us on Tel: 01527 598050 and ask for Technical Sales.

Schlemmer’s core manufacturing competences can be classified into the following areas:-

Protection Systems

Extruded Tubes

  • Flexible Conduit
  • Smooth Tubes
  • Multi-Layer Tubes
  • Combined Corrugated and Smooth Tubes
  • Thermoformed Tubes

Injection Moulded Parts

  • Conduit Fittings
  • Connector Interfaces
  • Cable Channels

Air & Fluid Systems

  • Fuel/Oil tubes
  • Breather Tubes
  • Washer Filler Necks
  • Screen Washer Tube
  • Urea Exhaust Tubes
  • Vapour Recovery Tubes

Electro Mechanical Systems

  • Temperature & Pressure Sensors
  • Fluid Level Sensors
  • Connector Systems
  • Voltage Transformers
  • Battery Switches