Flexible Conduit

Flexible Conduit Selection and Identification

When selecting a flexible conduit for a specific application there are many things to consider, for example:- environmental conditions, operating temperature and chemical resistance to name but a few. The notes on this page are intended to help guide you through some of the common queries that are often raised during this process. 

Conduit Profiles

The Schlemmer flexible conduit range is available in various profile types to suit different applications. The most popular types are 'Normal Profile’, 'High Wave Profile' & ‘Ultra Flat Wave Profile’.  Normal Profile is an ideal choice if you are selecting an un-slit conduit as it allows you to maximise the bore of the conduit for any given size. In addition the mechanical properties of an un-slit conduit are generally better than a slit one. High Wave Profile conduit is an excellent choice for applications where it is easier to use a slit conduit. Although there is a small reduction in conduit bore for a given size, the coarse profile ensures good mechanical properties are maintained and that the slit does not gape open exposing cables when the conduit is bent back on itself. Ultra Flat Wave Profile conduit has been developed to offer even more protection to the cable insulation. Its smooth inner profile makes this type of conduit ideal for applications where there is a high level of vibration, such as an engine.

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