Threaded Three Part Straight Fitting

Description / Application:

This three part fitting is easily assembled to the conduit without the need for special tools. The neoprene sealing ring achieves an IP67 sealing rating once compressed by the cap nut.

Ideally suited for applications where a conduit run needs to be terminated into either a threaded entry or the knock out of a junction box.

This fitting consists of a Cap Nut, Body & Sealing Ring, all available individually if required. Suitable for use with normal profile un-slit conduits only.

Technical Specification / Features:

Material: PA6 (Nylon),  Sealing Rings - Neoprene

Colour: Black

Sealing Rating: Up to IP67

Product Prices & Dimensions

Part No Configuration Normal Profile
Tube A - B - C
List Price (exc VAT)
ABK10-M16 NW10 Fitting with M16 x12mm Male Thread £166.06 /100
ABK10-M20 NW10 Fitting with M20 x12mm Male Thread £235.87 /100
ABK10-PG09 NW10 Fitting with PG9 x12mm Male Thread £149.96 /100
ABK10-PG11 NW10 Fitting with PG11 x12mm Male Thread £178.37 /100
ABK13-M16 NW13 Fitting with M16 x12mm Male Thread £226.32 /100
ABK13-M20 NW13 Fitting with M20 x12mm Male Thread £200.45 /100
ABK13-PG09 NW13 Fitting with PG9 x12mm Male Thread £91.43 /100
ABK13-PG11 NW13 Fitting with PG11 x11mm Male Thread £189.98 /100
ABK17-M20 NW17 Fitting with M20 x14.5mm Male Thread £210.80 /100
ABK17-PG16 NW17 Fitting with PG16 x12mm Male Thread £217.24 /100
ABK22-M25 NW22 Fitting with M25 x14mm Male Thread £411.24 /100
ABK29-M32 NW29 Fitting with M32 x12mm Male Thread £474.72 /100
ABK29-PG29 NW29 Fitting with PG29 x14mm Male Thread £411.01 /100
CN10 NW10 Cap nut £30.02 /100
CN13 NW13 Cap Nut £33.26 /100
CN17 NW17 Cap Nut £51.98 /100
CN22 NW22 Cap Nut £171.11 /100
CN29 NW29 Cap Nut £121.12 /100
AB10-M16 NW10 Adaptor Body M16 Thread £131.99 /100
AB10-M20 NW10 Adaptor Body M20 Thread £224.48 /100
AB10-PG09 NW10 Adaptor Body PG9 Thread £111.09 /100
AB10-PG11 NW10 Adaptor Body PG11 Thread £147.68 /100
AB13-M16 NW13 Adaptor Body M16 Thread £171.83 /100
AB13-M20 NW13 Adaptor Body M20 Thread £138.02 /100
AB13-PG09 NW13 Adaptor Body PG9 Thread £108.79 /100
AB13-PG11 NW13 Adaptor Body PG11 Thread £115.20 /100
AB17-M20 NW17 Adaptor Body M20 Thread £108.92 /100
AB17-PG16 NW17 Adaptor Body PG16 Thread £117.74 /100
AB22-M25 NW22 Adaptor Body M25 Thread £231.84 /100
AB22-PG21 NW22 Adaptor Body PG21 Thread £228.34 /100
AB29-M32 NW29 Adaptor Body M32 Thread £330.98 /100
AB29-PG29 NW29 Adaptor Body PG29 Thread £249.35 /100
8117101 NW10 Sealing Ring £41.63 /100
8117136 NW13 Sealing Ring £69.46 /100
8117179 NW17 Sealing Ring £91.77 /100
8117225 NW22 Sealing Ring £112.82 /100
8117292 NW29 Sealing Ring £173.54 /100

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