8 Way Bayonet Socket Connector (Suitable for bulk head mounting)

Description / Application:

An 8 way 16s bayonet lock socket connector, capable of being bulk head mounted individually or within a mounting flange . Suitable for use with either MPC08P-90 or MPC08P-S, this connector has 7 x 1.6mmØ & 1 x 3.5mmØ pin contacts. Available as a complete assembly including contacts or as individual parts. Details of the individual contacts can be found on the 'Terminals & Single Wire Seals' page.

Technical Specification:

Material: PA66 (Nylon) Housings, Neoprene & Silicon Seals. Tin plated Phosphur Bronze Terminals.

Colour: Black

Temperature Range:  - 25ºC to +80ºC

Sealing Rating: IP67

NB: If ordering do not forget to add the correct pin and socket contacts which are shown on the 'Terminals & Single Wire Seals' page.

Product Prices & Dimensions

Part No Configuration Normal Profile
Tube A - B - C
List Price (exc VAT)
MPC08 Complete 8 Way Straight Bayonet Socket Connector with contacts & seals £1353.55 /100
7806388 8 Way 16s Bayonet Socket Housing - (body only) £212.89 /100
7813015 Mounting Flange for 8 Way 16s Bayonet Socket Housing £108.56 /100
8113424 Silicon Packing Ring for use between Mounting Flange & 8 Way Housing £25.97 /100

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