PPMod (High Temperature PP) Lockable High Wave Profile





This conduit has been specifically developed to incorporate the features of a slit tube combined with the benefits and security of a solid conduit. The locking mechanism is incorporated into the mould profile of the tube and it is supplied in slit open form ready to be installed. Once applied to the harness, the locking mechanism can be closed using your fingers, but for high volume applications it is recommended that the appropriate cable insertion and closing tool are used. If necessary, the insertion tool can also be used to re-open the conduit after it has been locked.

Lockable conduit is ideally suited for a variety of applications where slit conduit is not a viable alternative but also to replace solid conduit on an existing harness application where additional cables may need to be added. It can also be used as a cost effective solution to replace conventional conduit systems for various other retrofit and aftermarket applications.

Technical Specification

Profile:  AHW (High Wave) 

Colour:  Black 

Material:  High Temperature Polypropylene

Temperature Range:  -40ºC to +135ºC

Maximum Temperature:  500 hours at +150°C

Burning Behaviour:  according to FMVSS 302, self-extinguishing Type B and burning rate 0 according to DIN75200

UV Resistance: according to DIN EN ISO 8580

Product Prices & Dimensions

Part No Nominal Size (NW) Type Dimensions (mm)
I.D. X O.D.
Qty Per Coil (m) List Price (exc VAT)
1940008 8,5 V Lockable 8.6 x 12.8 - 13.3 50 £112.18 /100
1940011 11 V Lockable 11.2 x 15.7 - 16.3 50 £126.18 /100
1940013 13 V Lockable 12.2 x 18.3 - 18.9 50 £180.11 /100
1940015 15 V Lockable 14.9 x 21.3 - 22.0 50 £180.84 /100
1940019 19 V Lockable 19.0 x 25.6 - 26.2 50 £202.48 /100
1940026 26 V Lockable 24.6 x 31.5 - 32.0 25 £254.63 /100

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