12 Pole Military Plugs

Designed for use with military vehicles to provide the electrical connection between the trailer and the towing vehicle, many of these plugs have a NATO part number.
The range of 12 pole plugs are available with either male or female contacts. They can be supplied individually with or without the rubberised protection shroud and have silver plated solder contacts. These are rated at 16 Amps at an ambient temperature of 20°C. Versions are also available with flying leads of various lengths. These Plugs are suitable for use in working environments of -40°C to +85°C.

Product Prices & Dimensions

Part No Contact Type Comments NATO Number List Price (exc VAT)
6.00871.000 Male Pins For 23.5mm Ø Cable 5935-12-188-1750 £11921.30 /100
6.00871.700 Male Pins For 17.5mm Ø Cable 5935-12-350-1294 £11921.90 /100
6.00873.000 Female Sockets For 23.5mm Ø Cable 5935-12-302-6122 £11573.80 /100
6.00873.700 Female Sockets For 17.5mm Ø Cable 5935-12-127-8050 £11921.90 /100
6.00934.000 Male Pins Inner Body Only 5935-12-145-4491 £12548.80 /100
6.00944.002 Male Pins With 1.2m Flying Lead 6150-12-350-6742 £19819.60 /100
6.00944.005 Male Pins With 2.7m Flying Lead 6150-12-139-3461 £23317.20 /100
6.00944.008 Male Pins With 4.2m Flying Lead 6150-12-350-6744 £28020.20 /100