Auxiliary Power Connector

Description / Application: The Auxiliary Power Connector provides a remote accessible connection to the vehicle battery.

Features: Supplied separately as a pole specific item the connector can be mounted on panels up to 10mm in thickness. Flexible PVC insulated cap also included.

Material: Glass Filled PA6 (Nylon), stainless steel threaded stud and brass locknut

Voltage: Up to  48V

Current Rating: 50 amps max

Product Prices & Dimensions

Part No Panel Thickness Stud Thread Colour Rating (Amps) List Price (exc VAT)
PDP101 Up to 3mm M10 Red 50 £1318.50 /100
PDP102 Up to 3mm M10 Black 50 £1295.30 /100
PDP103 3mm-6mm M10 Red 50 £1346.50 /100
PDP104 3mm-6mm M10 Black 50 £1321.70 /100
PDP106 6mm-10mm M10 Black 50 £1301.10 /100