Sealed Manifold

Description / Application:

This fitting is supplied complete with the necessary cap nuts and sealing rings to enable a fully sealed manifold junction to be formed in a conduit run. When used with the various reducing bushes and reduced hole cap nuts the conduit outlets can be adapted to suit smaller sizes of tube, whilst at the same time maintaining a waterproof seal to IP67 standards. This fitting is normally only used with normal profile tubes. The assembly is also available in component form.


Technical Specification / Features:

Material: Polycarbonate

Temperature Range:  - 25ºC to +80ºC

Suitable For: ADR & GGVS applications

Sealing Rating To: IP67

Product Prices & Dimensions

Part No Configuration Normal Profile
Tube A - B - C
List Price (exc VAT)
9800735 Manifold NW22-10-10-22 (Body Only) £766.82 /100
CN10 NW10 Cap nut £30.02 /100
CN22 NW22 Cap Nut £171.11 /100
8117101 NW10 Sealing Ring £41.63 /100
8117225 NW22 Sealing Ring £112.82 /100

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